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What is a transfer?

Have you ever had to take a mode of public transportation, let's say the bus, and then alight at a bus-stop to board a different bus service, or even the MRT? Or maybe you had to first take the MRT, then alight from the MRT before boarding a bus to your destination?

If you have, then what you have done is called a "transfer"!

Since fares are calculated based on the total distance travelled in our journey, the transfers help take into account that a journey may require the use of different bus services and even the MRT - so you don't end up paying a boarding charge for every service that you transfer to.

How many transfers can I do in a single journey?

If you are using a concession card to pay for your travels, you are allowed up to 5 transfers in a journey as long as you meet the transfer conditions.

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What are the transfer conditions?

A transfer can be from:

  • the MRT/LRT to a bus service,
  • a bus service to another bus service, or
  • a bus service to the MRT/LRT

Under Distance Fares, the rules are:

  • Transfer time limit of 45 minutes.
  • All journeys must be within 2 hours of the first boarding on the same journey.
  • Single entry and exit allowed for rail.
  • Current bus service must not be the same number as the preceding bus service.
  • Maximum of 5 transfers can be made within a journey.

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So what does NOT qualify as a valid transfer?

The following do not qualify as valid transfers:

  • MRT to MRT transfer does not qualify as a valid transfer but does not affect eligibility for subsequent transfer to bus (valid transfer will be awarded to or from MRT only once per journey)
  • Transfer between MRT and LRT (if passenger exits from the paid areas of both systems)
  • Transfer from a bus to another of the same service number or to/from a subsidiary service that does not qualify for a transfer.
  • Transfer to/from Sentosa Bus, Night Services & CT services
  • If Bus Concession Pass (BCP), Train Concession Pass (TCP) or Hybrid Concession Pass (HCP) is used
  • After fifth transfer

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