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Commuters to get their refund by 17 June 2011

  1. Commuters affected by distance fare corrections between 3 July 2010 and 23 November 2010, are reminded to get their refund by 17 June 2011.
  2. Since the start of the refund exercise on 18 December 2010, about $129, 584 in refunds have been claimed.
  3. The bus operators will donate any unclaimed amount at the end of the refund period to the Public Transport Fund, which will help needy families with some of their transport costs.
  4. Posters, notices and other reminder information materials will be put up at MRT stations, LRT stations, bus interchanges, and on Transitlink, LTA and the public transport operators websites and social media channels, to remind affected commuters to get their refunds by 17 June 2011.
  5. Affected commuters can get a full refund on the spot at their convenience in two ways:

    i) Any TransitLink AVM (a purple machine), by placing their transit CEPAS card on the card reader and selecting the 'Bus Stop Distance Refund' icon on the screen. The system will automatically do a refund eligibility check and credit the total refund amount into the card.

    ii) Any TransitLink Ticket Office/Concession Card Replacement Office, by presenting their transit CEPAS card to the officer who will check and credit the total eligible refund amount into the card.

  6. Commuters do not need to remember the affected bus service numbers that they took during the affected period, trip details or fill a form. They only need to present their transit CEPAS cards to receive the refund if they are eligible for one.
  7. Commuters who wish to check beforehand if they are eligible for a refund can do so by keying in their 16-digit transit CEPAS card number at or via an automated voice response system by calling the TransitLink Hotline at 1800 2255 663. They can also choose to skip this completely and check at any AVM or Ticket Office where they can get a full refund on the spot if eligible.
  8. The public can also call the following hotlines if they have queries:

    i) TransitLink Hotline at 1800 2255 663
    ii) LTA at 1800-CALL LTA (1800 2255 582)
    iii) SBS Transit at 1800 2872 727
    iv) SMRT at 1800 3368 900

Annex A: Two easy ways to get a refund
Annex B: Reminder information materials
Annex C: List of AVMs, Ticket Offices/Concession Card Replacement Offices