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Auto Top-up for Concession Cards

Lost Reporting Of Concession Cards On Auto Top-Up

Terms & Conditions of Use


Oh no, I've lost my concession card that was on Auto Top-Up! What should I do?

We're very sorry to hear that, but don't worry. We are here to help. If you have lost your Auto Top-Up enabled concession card, please call our TransitLink Hotline at 1800-CALL ONE (1800-2255 663) to report the loss immediately. We will need your:

  • Full name and NRIC number of the bank or credit card account holder
  • Full name and NRIC number of the auto top-up enabled Concession Card holder
  • Concession card number (embossed at the back of the card)
  • Contact number

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I've already called the hotline to report the loss, what happens next?

Please  note that any remaining value in the lost card will be refunded directly to your bank account within 14 working days from the date of reported lost. The Account Holder shall only be responsible for unauthorised usage (if any) of the Auto top-up enabled Concession card before Lost Auto top up enabled Concession card has been cancelled:

a) for payment of fares on public transport services provided by the public transport operators, save that TransitLink shall refund the cardholder for any deductions for fares for public transport services exceeding $10.00 in aggregate before the Lost Auto top-up enabled Concession Card has been reported lost and cancelled, and

b) for all payment of goods and services other than for public transport services before the Lost Auto top-up enabled Concession Card has been reported lost and cancelled, whether such deductions from the Lost Auto top-up enabled Concession Card were made with the Account Holder's knowledge or consent or not.

Please note that once the card is reported lost and blacklisted, you will not be able to cancel the lost report and/or reuse the card even if the card is found.

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How do I get a replacement concession card with Auto Top-Up?

If the card that was lost was a Child Concession Card which is not photo-personalised, you can purchase a new Child Concession Card at any TransitLink Ticket Office and apply for Auto Top-Up By Bank or By Credit Card on the new card.

However, if the lost card is a photo-personalised concession card, you may obtain a replacement at any TransitLink Concession Card Replacement Office. Replacement charges will apply.

Kindly bring along your:

  • NRIC/Passport/Birth Certificate/Foreign Student Pass (for foreign students) and
  • A recent coloured passport-sized photograph.

Alternatively you may apply for a replacement card online by clicking HERE

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