Our SimplyGo Ticketing Service Centres, Ticket Offices, SimplyGo hotline and live assistance via the Assisted Service Kiosks will close at 3 pm on 19 July 2024 for a company event. Normal operating hours will resume on 20 July 2024. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Regularly take the bus or train? Then you are probably a customer of TransitLink’s. We play an important role in Singapore’s public transport system by being the middleman between you, the commuter, and all the other parts that help to make it world class. The latter are made up of the regulators, public transport operators and card issuers.

Our four key responsibilities are:

Agent For Card Issuers

Before taking the bus or train, you will need to purchase a farecard. This is done through us, at multiple locations across Singapore, on behalf of the card issuers EZ-Link and NETS.


We also make refunds or replace the farecards. Other platforms where these can be done are here on our website or the SimplyGo app.

Transit Acquirer

The total fare you pay after completing a journey on the bus and/or train is distributed by us to the various public transport operators like SMRT, SBS Transit and Go-Ahead Singapore. We also process claims and refunds on their behalf.


From bus arrival times to recommended travel routes, we communicate public transport information using platforms like posters and the SimplyGo app to ensure you get to your destination quickly.


Public transport schemes, including the concession schemes and Singapore Tourist Pass, are managed by us too.


Master Load Agent

When your farecard runs out of money, we provide top-up services by working with the card issuers EZ-Link and NETS. This can be done at various locations like MRT stations and bus interchanges.

Partner For National Public Transport Projects

As a subsidiary of the Land Transport Authority (LTA), we implement projects on its behalf to benefit you. Some examples are the SimplyGo Initiative and e-payment top-up at the General Ticketing Machines. You can read more about them on our Milestones page.


We aspire to be a world-class, customer-centric and innovative organisation in a multi-modal transport system. To get there, we offer a range of integrated services and solutions to connect our diverse partners and customers. In doing so, we hope to be adding value always.


A world-class, customer-centric and innovative organisation in a multi-modal transport system.


Connecting diverse partners and customers through integrated services and solutions.

Adding value always.


Company Awards

Singapore Health Award

Our employees benefit from a lively sports and wellness calendar throughout the year. This is part of our commitment to promote and facilitate them to lead a healthy lifestyle. We have been a proud recipient of the Singapore HEALTH Award, which recognises corporate companies that champion a healthy lifestyle in the workplace.


Singapore HEALTH Award 2022

Excellence Award

Singapore HEALTH Award 2019

Merit Award

Singapore HEALTH Award 2017

Certificate of Recognition

Singapore HEALTH Award 2014

Gold Award

Singapore HEALTH Award 2012

Silver Award




Staff Awards

Contact Centre Association of Singapore (CCAS) International Contact Centre Awards

Our excellent customer service has been acknowledged repeatedly through awards from the CCAS. This recognises the efforts and achievements of outstanding contact centres, programmes and professionals across Singapore and the region.

International Contact Centre Awards 2011

Best In-House Contact Centre (Under 20 Seats) – Gold Award

Best Use of IVR in a Contact Centre – Gold Award


Excellent Service Award

Our Customer Service and Customer Relations Officers have been regular recipients of the Excellent Service Awards (EXSA) in the Land Transport category, since its introduction in 1994. EXSA is a national award that highlights individuals who have delivered quality service as inspiration for others to emulate.

The National Kindness Award - Transport Gold Award

Our Customer Service and Customer Relations Officers have been proud recipients of the National Kindness Award – Transport Gold every year since 2012. The award motivates service staff to continue to shine and influence one another to create a more pleasant and gracious society.