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a. The Colouring Contest will take place from 14 September to 18 October 2020.

b. The Colouring Contest is organised into two categories:

    i.    Open Category; and

    ii.   Junior Category (for aged 12 and below only)

c. The Colouring Contest is open to members of the public residing in Singapore, excluding TransitLink  employees and their immediate family members.

d. Winners will be announced on TransitLink's Facebook and Instagram page by 2 November 2020.

e. By participating in this Colouring Contest, the participant agrees to:

    i.    The Terms and Conditions of the Colouring Contest.

    ii.    Use of his/her submission as materials for the purposes of advertising and/or publicity.

   iii.    TransitLink owning the copyright and the right to use, display or modify all completed artworks.


a. Participants must download and complete the colouring sheet found here.

b. Open Category participants may choose to use digital or traditional colouring tools.

c. Junior Category participants are only to use traditional colouring tools (i.e. colour pencils, crayons, paint etc).

d. Participants must like TransitLink's Facebook or Instagram page before submission.


a. For submission:

    i.    Open Category participants are to scan an image or take a photo of their completed colouring sheets.

    ii.   Junior Category participants will have to take a photo with their completed colouring sheets. Submissions must be done by their parent or legal guardian.

b. Participants will have to:

    i.    Post the photo (as per Point 3a) on the social media platform where they liked the TransitLink's Facebook or Instagram page (i.e.if a participant liked TransitLink'sFacebook page, he/she should post his/her entry on his/her own Facebook page);

   ii.    Tag @TransitLink;

   iii.    Include the hashtags #MaskUpwithTransitLink and #TLcolouring2020 in their post; and

   iv.    Set their profile as public.

c. Participants will have to keep the hardcopy and/or high-res softcopy of their completed colouring sheet.

d. Participants are encouraged to get as many persons as possible to like their post on social media. The number of likes received will contribute towards the overall score.

e. The closing date for the posting of contest entries is Sunday, 18 October 2020. Contest entries posted on social media after the closing date will not qualify for the contest.

f. TransitLink reserves the right to disqualify any contest entry that does not meet the 'Qualifying criteria' and 'Submissions and Closing Date' terms and conditions.


a. Colouring Contest prizes will be awarded to the winners in the respective categories and are listed below:

    i.     Open Category
          Three (3) Winners:
          $150 cash and 2 pieces of Reusable Adult Face Mask custom printed with their
          colouring masterpiece (each)

          20 Consolation Prizes:
          2 pieces of TransitLink Reusable Adult Face Mask (each)

    ii.   Junior Category
         Three (3) Winners:
         $100 cash and 2 pieces of Reusable Kid Face Mask custom printed with their
         colouring masterpiece (each)

         20 Consolation Prizes:
         2 pieces of TransitLink Reusable Adult Face Mask (each)

b. TransitLink may at its sole discretion and at any time without prior notice replace or substitute any prize with another similar value.


a. Participants will be judged based on visual attractiveness, colouring coordination, technique used, artwork completeness and creativity.

b. As mentioned in Point 3d, the number of likes received on the participant's photo will contribute towards the overall score.

c. All decisions, determination of results and award of prizes shall be subject to the colouring contest terms & conditions and at the sole discretion of TransitLink.

d. Top three (3) winners in each category will be contacted by TransitLink three weeks after the colouring contest closing date. The winners will be requested to submit a hardcopy and/or high-res softcopy of the completed colouring sheet to TransitLink for the customised printing of the reusable face masks.

e. Participant found cheating or submitting other than their own artwork will be disqualified immediately.

For enquiries pertaining to the Colouring Contest, please drop us a Private Message via our Facebook or Instagram page.