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Adult Stored Value Card

What is it?

The convenient Adult Stored Value Card is a contactless stored value smartcard which can be used on buses, the MRT and LRT. You can now say goodbye to digging your pockets for exact change. With this card, all that is required is just a quick tap and you are good to go!

Wow! Where can I get one?

Just simply head on down to any TransitLink Ticket Office to purchase one. There are currently two types of adult stored value card available for purchase – the Adult ez-link card and the NETS FlashPay. Both cards cost $12 ($5 non-refundable card cost and $7 travel value).

For more information on the Adult ez-link card, you may log on to EZ-Link website

For more information on the NETS FlashPay, you may log on to NETS website

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Hmm... What if I need to top-up the value in the card?

All you have to do is visit any TransitLink Ticket Office to top-up your smartcard. The minimum amount that you can top-up is $10 and the maximum is $500.

You may also use the Add Value Machines (AVM+) and General Ticketing Machines (GTMs) in MRT stations and bus interchanges to top-up your smartcards by cash or NETS. Please use the exact amount when paying via cash as the GTM does not accept coins or issue change. The AVM+ only accepts transactions via NETS.

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Let's say I don't want to use my card any longer, can I get a refund?

Sure! Just head on down to any TransitLink Ticket Office and you will receive a refund of the remaining travel value in the card. Please note that the $5 card cost paid during the purchase of the card is non-refundable.

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And what if the card is not working properly? What should I do?

You may proceed to the nearest TransitLink Ticket Office to check on the status of the card. If the card is found to be faulty, we will issue you with a replacement card. The $5 card cost for the replacement card will be waived. To activate the replacement card for public transport travel, a minimum top-up of $10 will be required.

Please note that all stored value cards that are found to be faulty within five years from date of issue will be replaced with a new one, so long as the cards have not been tampered with, intentionally damaged or due to failure to take proper care of the cards as assessed at any TransitLink Ticket Office or Concession Card Replacement Office.

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