Our SimplyGo Ticketing Service Centres, Ticket Offices, SimplyGo hotline and live assistance via the Assisted Service Kiosks will close at 3 pm on 19 July 2024 for a company event. Normal operating hours will resume on 20 July 2024. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

What is the Customer Charter?

We are licensed by the Public Transport Council to provide ticket payment services in the public transport system. This Charter informs our customers of the services that we provide, and the service standards that we are committed to.

What services do TransitLink provide?

We sell, top up, replace and refund all types of stored value travel cards at SimplyGo Ticket Offices and Ticketing Service Centres (TSC). We do this on behalf of EZ-Link, NETS and the public transport operators.


We also issue concession cards and sell Monthly Concession Passes on behalf of the public transport operators.


If a concession card is lost or damaged, a replacement can be made at any TSC. Replacements for Child Concession Cards can be made at either the TSC or Ticket Office. All defective concession cards will be replaced in accordance with the card manager’s terms and conditions.

What are TransitLink’s Service Principles?

We believe that our customers should always be able to:


  • Purchase, top up or replace their stored value travel cards (ez-link, NETS FlashPay or concession card) at SimplyGo Ticket Offices and TSCs during operating hours.
  • Top up their stored value travel cards at SimplyGo Kiosks during operating hours.
  • Replace their lost concession cards at SimplyGo Kiosks during operating hours.
  • Receive a refund for any valid excess fares paid for their trips. This includes excess fares charged due to faulty card readers.

If the wrong fare has been charged, a refund will be issued.

What are TransitLink’s Commitment and Service Standards?

We are committed to providing services for stored value travel cards at our Ticket Offices, TSCs and SimplyGo Kiosks during the respective operating hours.

We adhere to the following service standards:


Service Standard

Ticket Offices

To serve the customer within one minute of waiting time during the off-peak period and five minutes of waiting time during the peak period (12pm - 2pm and 5pm - 7pm) for 90% of the time.

Ticketing Service Centres (TSC)

To serve the customer within 15 minutes of waiting time during operation time from 10am - 6pm for 90% of the time.

In the last week of the school holidays, the concession card replacement may have to be collected the next working day due to high demand.

PAssion Silver / Senior Citizen Concession Card

Private Education Institution Student Concession Card

Adult Monthly Travel Card

Persons with Disabilities Concession Card

Workfare Transport Concession Card

To mail out the concession card within four weeks upon receipt of the application.

SimplyGo Hotline

To answer 80% of the calls within 20 seconds.

Customer Claims


To investigate and process refunds (if any) within 5 working days.

SimplyGo Kiosks

Customer Service Machines (CSMs)

To maintain SimplyGo Kiosks and CSMs with a failure rate of not more than one fault in 25,000 transactions.

To ensure machine breakdowns are attended to within two hours.


If you have been charged extra fare due to the card reader breaking down on a bus, you can get the difference refunded after the incident via the SimplyGo Hotline and SimplyGo website or at the SimplyGo Ticket Office or TSC. If you have not boarded the affected bus, you can either wait for the next bus or, if you choose to board the affected bus, pay the correct fare in cash, as advised by the Bus Captain or Service Leader.