The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will be extending the existing adult CBT system, to operate in parallel with the SimplyGo system.
The following groups/cards are eligible for a free CBT card:
- EZ-Link cards that were converted to SimplyGo between 9 and 22 January 2024;
- SimplyGo EZ-Link cards that were bought between 9 and 22 January 2024;
- All eligible SimplyGo Concession cards converted or issued on or before 22 January 2024;
- All who have purchased a NETS Prepaid Card between 9 and 22 January 2024.
Press Release

“SimplyGo” Branding for One-Stop Transit Ticketing and Travel Card Services

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) today announced that EZ-Link Pte Ltd’s (“EZ-Link”) and Transit Link Pte Ltd’s (“TransitLink”) transit and travel card-related services will be consolidated under the “SimplyGo” branding going forward. This will extend to their physical counters at public transport nodes, mobile applications, and website.

2        The integration of EZ-Link’s and TransitLink’s services was announced in March 2023. Since then, the two companies have been working to integrate their physical and digital customer touch points to provide commuters with a seamless experience.

Integrated Digital Platforms

3        The TL SimplyGo app will now be known as the SimplyGo app (Annex A). The SimplyGo app will be the one-stop app for all transit-related transactions by end-2023. It will include key features from the EZ-Link app, as well as new functions and improvements such as:

  1. Instant card blocking and refund of remaining balance;
  2. Checking their EZ-Link/Concession/NETS FlashPay card balance by tapping the card on the back of the mobile phone, without registering for an account on the app; and
  3. A more user-friendly and personalised app interface.

4        Features will be progressively migrated from the EZ-Link app to the SimplyGo app in the coming months, In the meantime, commuters can continue to use the EZ-Link app for automatic top-ups, earning of reward points, Pay by Wallet, and topping up the EZ-Link Motoring card. EZ-Link app users will be notified to switch to the SimplyGo app when the migration is completed.

5        Commuters may also refer to the SimplyGo website www.simplygo.com.sg, which will be the single point of reference for all ticketing and travel card-related information. The revamped SimplyGo website comes with a new look, which features a cleaner interface for easier navigation (Annex B).

Customer Service Touchpoints

6        TransitLink’s customer service centres[1], which are located at MRT stations and bus interchanges, will also be rebranded to SimplyGo Ticket Offices (for general ticketing services) and SimplyGo Ticketing Service Centres (including concession card replacement services) (Annex C). The functions of these SimplyGo customer service centres remain the same and commuters can continue to approach them for assistance with various services such as top-ups, refunds, non-transit transactions, sales of SimplyGo EZ-Link/NETS Prepaid cards, and Concession card services from today.

7        For any travel card or ticketing-related query, commuters may contact SimplyGo via the existing TransitLink customer service hotline (1800-2255 663) or EZ-Link customer service hotline (6496 8300). Customer service officers have been trained to address both ticketing and card-related queries.

8        Both EZ-Link and TransitLink will continue working with LTA to complete the merger under SimplyGo Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Land Transport Authority, in the second half of 2024.

[1] These are TransitLink Ticket Offices, Ticketing Service Centres and Concession Card Replacement Offices.

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