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Important Notice

This section sets out the general terms and conditions ("Terms") for participating in the SimplyGo Referral Scheme campaign.

By participating in the SimplyGo Referral Scheme campaign, you agree to be bounded by the Terms & Conditions stated herein. The Terms & Conditions for using a SimplyGo account shall apply accordingly. Please refer here for the relevant Terms & Conditions. These conditions shall be construed, governed by and enforced under the substantive laws of Singapore.

The Land Transport Authority and TransitLink reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to suspend or terminate the SimplyGo Referral Scheme campaign at any time, for any reason, and without liability to any participant. The Land Transport Authority and TransitLink reserve the right, at any time, to add, delete, suspend or modify all or any part of these conditions at their sole discretion. Decisions made by the Land Transport Authority and TransitLink shall be final and no correspondence shall be entertained in such events.



refers to the Referral Scheme campaign organised jointly by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore “Land Transport Authority” and Transit Link Pte Ltd “TransitLink”.


refers to any person who signs up for a SimplyGo account and adds a valid contactless bank card, SimplyGo Concession card or SimplyGo EZ-Link card to the account, to participate in the SimplyGo Referral Scheme by using the unique referral code retrievable via the SimplyGo app during the campaign period.

SimplyGo account

is the account that a person registers via the SimplyGo app. Upon successful creation and activation of the SimplyGo account, the account user can enjoy the SimplyGo-related services provided by TransitLink, such as viewing travel transactions and charges imposed on his/her travel card(s) – either CEPAS, SimplyGo travel cards or contactless bank card(s), added to the account.

Contactless bank card

refers to any Mastercard, Visa or NETS2.0 credit, debit or prepaid card (with contactless function) issued by any bank, financial institution or corporation, or cards (with or without contactless function) that are tied to your mobile payment app, which may be used by a person as a means of payment for fares on public buses and trains in Singapore.

SimplyGo travel cards

refers to a concession card or EZ-Link card that is compatible with the Land Transport Authority’s Account-based Ticketing system, termed as SimplyGo Concession card and SimplyGo EZ-Link card.

Referral code

refers to the unique referral code assigned to each SimplyGo account user. Each referral code can only be entered at the sign-up page via the SimplyGo app. Once a maximum of three persons who do not have an existing SimplyGo account have applied the referral code and registered for an account successfully, the referral code can no longer be used by others.


refers to a single trip made by commuters on a single mode of transport. For example, if a commuter took a bus to the nearest MRT Station and subsequently rode the train to the downtown area, the commuter is considered to have made two trips.

Receiving and Using the Referral Code

A unique referral code will be assigned to each existing SimplyGo account user. If you have opted in to receive marketing offers from TransitLink, you will receive your referral code through the SimplyGo app inbox. Alternatively, you can tap on the ‘Rewards’ tab > SimplyGo Referral Scheme campaign banner in the SimplyGo app to view your referral code. This also applies to those who did not opt in to receive marketing offers.

New SimplyGo account users who sign up from 17 July 2023 onwards will similarly receive a unique referral code upon successful account creation and addition of a valid contactless bank card / SimplyGo Concession card / SimplyGo EZ-Link card to the account. Please note that some debit, credit and prepaid cards are not accepted for public transport fare payments. You may refer to the SimplyGo FAQs for Contactless Bank Cards for the full list of cards that are not accepted for fare payments.

After an invited friend (referee) has successfully entered your referral code during account registration (via the SimplyGo app only), added a valid contactless bank card / SimplyGo Concession card / SimplyGo EZ-Link card, and made at least 30 public transport trips using the added card within 30 days, both you (referrer) and the referee will each receive a S$5 FairPrice eVoucher.


Receiving and Using the FairPrice eVoucher Code

Both referrer and referee will each receive a S$5 FairPrice eVoucher via your SimplyGo app inbox within 10 working days, from the date on which the referee hits his or her 30th trip.

Alternatively, you may retrieve your eVoucher by tapping on the ‘Rewards’ tab > SimplyGo Referral Scheme campaign banner > ‘Reward’ icon. This ‘Reward’ icon will appear in the last column after the referee has fulfilled all qualifying conditions.

Please refer to FairPrice eVoucher FAQs for more info on redeeming the eVoucher.


Collection of Personal Information

All personal information collected by TransitLink for this campaign is subject to the Privacy Policy at https://www.transitlink.com.sg/privacypolicy (“Privacy Policy”). Participants agree that by participating in the campaign, their personal details may be stored and otherwise processed by TransitLink for the purposes of administering the campaign and TransitLink may send them information related to the campaign, subject to the Privacy Policy.